DEFENSE & Security
Naval & Land

ABOUT Since 2007, Elzéar Defense accompanies the major actors of many industries essential to our national economy: aeronautics, space, security and naval. Find out more about our recruitment firm for the aeronautics industry


  • France’s aerospace sector is the largest in Europe
  • The operational headquarters of most European programmes are based in France
  • 195,000 employees / EUR 65 billion in annual revenue
  • 85 percent of revenue from exports

Defense & Security

  • The defense (land and airland) and security industry is France’s third-largest industrial sector
  • 165,000 employees/ EUR 18 billion in annual revenue
  • Ten large groups and close to 4,000 SMEs and mid-cap businesses
  • 20,000 highly skilled engineers with rare and widely sought-after technological expertise


  • The French naval industry enjoys international renown and reach
  • France has developed unparalleled know-how in the construction of ships and complex maritime systems
  • 90,000 employees / EUR 27 billion in annual revenue
In each of these highly specialised sectors, for every search it conducts, Elzéar Defense approaches and qualifies the executives, managers and experts with the most skills in their field. We source talent in technical, financial and sales functions as well as executive management.



Elzéar Defense was born of two firm beliefs:

  • Executive Search is a profession with specific methods and expertise.
  • defense sector candidates are the protagonists of an unprecedented talent war.
Elzéar Executive Search has been recognised since 2007 as a key player in direct approach recruiting serving industry and the high-tech sector. Our recruitment agency has successfully completed more than 1,000 candidate searches.

Because today’s employers must cope with fierce competition to find the best talent within often very tight deadlines, the partners at Elzéar decided to create a specialised team exclusively dedicated to candidate searches in the defense sector.

Elzéar Defense belongs to the Elzéar Executive Search group, whose teams are at your service :

Thibaud de Prémare


Franck Jullié


Emmanuel Pilard

Senior Consultant



After completing a rigorous two-year preparatory course in advanced mathematics followed by a Master's degree …



  • General management
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Bid Management, Business Development, Export, Contract Management
  • Supply Management
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, Quality, Integration, Testing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project management
  • Finance


  • Mechanics & Mecatronics
  • Electricity, Electronics, Electromagnetics
  • Optics & Optronics
  • Materials and Processes
  • Software Engineering
  • Fluids, Thermodynamics, Hydromechanics
  • Structure, Design, Systems, Architecture


Elzéar Defense draws on the Elzéar Group’s extensive know-how to identify and qualify talent in France and abroad.
Detailed, consultative analysis of the client’s industry, culture and organisation; desire to gain a deeper understanding of each client by digging beneath the surface.
Complete review of the position to be filled and of the ideal candidate’s profile; creation of search guidelines.
Mapping of the organisations most likely to offer the best candidates.
Methodical – and confidential if necessary – contact with potential candidates or with contacts able to point us to the best candidates.
Assessment interviews with identified candidates that go beyond professional skills to focus on finer details and soft skills
Creation of candidate files based on due diligence and referrals.
Coordination of candidate interviews with the various client representatives; professional references obtained for the finalist(s) and assistance provided during the final negotiation phase.
Contract signing support and follow-up of the newly hired candidate’s integration and development during the first year on the job.
Using this process, we are able to provide a candidate shortlist within four to six weeks on average.
The candidate files we provide to our clients give a detailed view of each individual’s career path coupled with our own analysis of his or her profile. Throughout the search, we send a weekly progress report to our client.


Elzéar Defense has been putting its executive search experience to the service of the defense sector’s movers and shakers since 2007.

defense industry players, whether companies or candidates, are at the core of international financial, technical and political issues. Many life-changing decisions are influenced by companies’ desire to hire the best talent, and by candidates’ desire for mobility.

We naturally draw inspiration from the values championed by Jean Giono in his novella The man who planted trees. These include the transformation of people and organisations, determination, perseverance, results-oriented culture, and long-term relationships. These values enable us to conduct candidate searches targeting rare, highly sought-after profiles in non-transparent, confidential sectors.
Our entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the responsive, agile and creative methods we employ.

Because each team member has a keen interest in these unique industries, Elzéar Defense has become an essential player in the talent war.

The French aeronautics and space industry is now the leading industry in Europe. As a professional in this excellent sector, you are perfectly aware that its leaders, managers and experts must have a level of qualification and know-how that is equal to the challenges of this leading-edge sector and flagship of French industry. To enable you to quickly find the best candidate profiles for your various vacancies, contact a reference in the field of Executive Search: our recruitment firm Elzéar Défense.

The aeronautics, space, security and naval industries: French centers of excellence

These sectors are undoubtedly sources of great national pride. The aerospace sector is the leading European industry, and France is the country where most of the major operational divisions of major European programs are located. In terms of workforce, this sector is also a major employer, with nearly 200,000 employees, and its annual turnover of some 65 billion euros is a clear indication of its vitality. The latest figure confirms the strategic position of the aerospace industry in the French economy: 85% of production is exported, an undeniable success that many of our partners envy. While the aerospace industry is flourishing, the defense (land and air-land) and security industries are no match for it, ranking third among French industries. A few figures will suffice to measure the health of the defense and security industry: 165,000 employees working in a dozen large groups and some 4,000 SMEs, 18 billion in annual sales and no less than 20,000 highly qualified engineers. Finally, the naval sector is not to be outdone insofar as the French naval industry today enjoys a high level of credibility on the international scene, and its know-how has earned France a reputation throughout the world. The country has recognized expertise in the construction of some of the most complex ships and maritime systems. This cutting-edge sector employs 90,000 people and generates annual revenues of €27 billion. If you are a major player in one of these industries that directly contribute to the greatness of France and its positioning on the international scene, you will have every interest in discovering the services that our firm Elzéar Défense is able to offer you.

Executive Seach: Elzéar Defense's area of expertise

To accompany your company and identify the candidates most likely to occupy the most strategic and sensitive positions, you will have no better alternative than to seek the services of true professionals and especially of an aeronautical recruitment firm that meets your expectations. It is precisely in this context that our firm Elzéar Défense is at your entire disposal. Founded in 2007, our recruitment firm has built a good reputation for its remarkable services to major players in many national industries including those of the aerospace, naval and defense. For each of our clients, we have been able to find ideal candidates for their executive, managerial and technical positions. Executive Search is a business that cannot do without a very strict methodology and know-how that we have fully mastered within our recruitment firm. Given the level of skills required and the complexity of the positions to be filled within your organization, you cannot afford to make the slightest mistake in terms of recruitment. In addition to the difficulty of finding potential candidates for such high-level positions, you should be aware that within these sectors, there is fierce competition for talent among the various players who are working hard to attract the most promising candidates. Rather than wasting precious time and energy looking for the rare pearls, our firm Elzéar Défense proposes to approach and qualify all the candidates with the best skills in the sector in order to offer them to you for hiring. Thanks to us, you will have at your disposal a panel of talents within which you will be able to make your selection in all serenity to choose your future leaders, managers and experts, whether it is in the technical, commercial or financial fields.

Elzéar Defense: a method of a formidable effectiveness

Before contacting our team to meet your recruitment needs, you should first know who we are. Our firm was founded on the basis of two very strong convictions shared by all of our experts: the first is that Executive Seach must be based on a quasi-scientific methodology that only specialists in the field can implement effectively. The second is that the sector in which you are evolving is the scene of a real war for talent and the development of your company will only be made possible thanks to the added value brought by the latter. After more than 10 years of existence, our firm has become a leading player and practices the direct approach in the industry and high technology sector. Counting prestigious companies among our clients, we now have more than 1,000 missions to our credit. In order to offer high-level services and to meet your requirements, we have set up a team dedicated to the defense sector. Knowing that the most promising candidates do not take long to be contacted and hired, our firm Elzéar is committed to finding you the right personnel in the shortest possible time. Our recruitment firm is owned by the Elzéar Executive Search group. Our team is composed exclusively of experts in the field such as Thibaud de Prémare, Franck Jullié, Emmanuel Pilard or Tala Massaad. Each of our members has a background and skills that will directly contribute to the achievement of your recruitment objectives. Our defense aerospace search and recruitment team puts its best specialists at your service for results you won't have to wait very long.

Elzéar Defence: areas of expertise adapted to your needs

Whatever the high-level position you wish to fill, our recruitment firm will deploy all its talents to your benefit. We are able to cover a wide range of functions that contribute directly to the expansion of your company. Whether it is a position in supply chain management, project management, engineering, customer service or sales director, we are committed to filling all key positions in your structure with candidates with the appropriate profiles. The fields of defense, aeronautics and space are characterized by their great complexity and their high technical requirements. These fields are mostly mastered by our team, whether it is a question of positions related to electronics, mechanics and mechatronics, electromagnetics, optics or hydromechanics. Given the high technical nature of this category of positions, you cannot afford to make a recruitment mistake and it is to avoid such a situation that we offer you our know-how. Why should you trust our recruitment agency Elzéar Défense? Quite simply because we implement a proven recruitment methodology that is specifically adapted to the defense sector. Drawing on the expertise of the Elzéar Group in terms of candidate identification and qualification, our firm will help you find the talent your business needs. To ensure that we identify the most promising candidates, we will first conduct a detailed analysis of your organization's industry and cultural context. We believe that the key to success is a thorough understanding of each client and their recruitment requirements. Once this first step is accomplished, we will proceed to an exhaustive audit of the position(s) you wish to fill in order to precisely define the appropriate candidate profile. At the end of this phase, we will produce a reference document.

Finding the right candidate: our commitment

Once this initial step has been completed, our team will develop a map of the environments in which the most important sources of potential candidates are identified. Our entire process is based on a proven methodology whose sole objective is to identify suitable profiles. Once we have identified a panel of candidates in line with your expectations, we will conduct assessment interviews with them in order to analyze not only their professional skills but also their aptitude for the position that interests you. Whether it is the design of the files, the verification of diplomas and even the salary elements, we will take care of everything to facilitate your final decision. Determined to make your hiring project a reality as quickly as possible, our team will coordinate each candidate's interview with the various people you deem relevant in the hiring process. Finally, Elzéar Défense will also intervene in the final negotiation and even during the signing of the contract. Give us between 4 and 6 weeks and you will be sure to have a short list of the best profiles at the end of our process. As a reference in the field of Executive Seach, our recruitment firm Elzéar Défense understands better than anyone else the economic, technical and political stakes of your sector and will be able to find the talents that your company needs most.